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A La Lucky Keychain - NO CHAOS & CO - 1

A La Lucky Keychain Phulkari

€ 20.00

After the terrifying Tsunami of 2004 a group of brave women from a small town called Panjab decided to bundle their forces for the reconstruction of their once so demolished land. By creating a keychain that traditionally symbolizes the opening of new doors, these women have succeeded to create a new national symbol for remembering the loss of many loved ones. Whenever asking a random Indian to show their keys, you will always be faced with these unique keychains verkrijgbaar bij NO CHAOS & CO.

By purchasing the Phulkari keychain you automatically financially support these women and the reconstruction of India.

Handmade in Punjab, India
Recycled Brass À la is a jewellery & interior brand founded by 2 travellers/collectors from Amsterdam. À la tells stories of foreign products, people and cultures.

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