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Sale A La beker koper - NO CHAOS & CO - 1

A La beker koper

€ 13.99 € 17.50

According to local traditions, Indian people strongly believe that drinking a glass of water out of a copper jug every day will help them to keep the doctor away verkrijgbaar bij NO CHAOS & CO.

We even believe that this might be the reason their immune system is (most of the times) so much stronger than ours, since copper contains a high level of minerals of which your body actually can’t get enough of. As we all know, many Indian inhabitants are exempted to such conditions which will give us Westerns immediate Delhi Belly’s, while they don’t even grumble a bit.

But even though it’s hard to get a copper-overdose (literally and figuratively), we wouldn’t really recommend drinking your liquids out of this cute jug, simply because the (copper) taste isn’t that good. Nope, we’re definitely more fond of the appearance, which combines extremely well with a small cactus or wild flowers or highly suggestible as a pen tray or even a toothbrush holder!

Handmade in Phaltan, India

10cm height/ 7cm width

À la is a jewellery & interior brand founded by 2 travellers/collectors from Amsterdam. À la tells stories of foreign products, people and cultures.

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